About us

Smoke Alarm Victoria is a family business specialising in the installation, maintenance and servicing of smoke alarms throughout Victoria with a combined experience of over 12 years with in the industry. Smoke Alarms Victoria commitment to quality is at the heart of our businesses success and is relentlessly pursued at all levels of management and Service.  Our dealings are primarily with Real Estate Agents and Property Managers.

There are some 15,000 residential fires in Australia each year, 170 deaths and 1,500 injuries. Our goal is to limit / reduce these statistics.

To safeguard the lives of your tenants you MUST have fully functioning smoke alarm on all rental properties. We service residential and commercial properties to current Victorian legislation through out both Melbourne Metropolitan area and country Victoria.


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The Law

Landlords must ensure their rental property complies with Australian Standard 3786-1993 and installed smoke alarms as outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Part

The BCA requires that any property built or substantially renovated after 1 July 1997 must have 240 volt hard-wired smoke alarms installed.

Section 707 of the Building Regulations 2006 state that. A self-contained smoke alarm complying with AS 3786-1993 must be installed in each dwelling, in appropriate locations on or near the ceiling of every storey of the dwelling. The appropriate locations must be as determined in accordance with Practice Note 2006-27 issued by the Building Commission in May 2006.


Duty of Care

Real Estate Institute of Victoria recommended Agencies and Property Managers to engage suitable contractor’s to service smoke alarms at all their listed properties. Insurance companies have stated that the checking and servicing of smoke alarms is outside the considered expertise of a Property manager, Landlord, Tenant or the Handyman.

Using Smoke Alarm Victoria services is the most efficient and cost effective way of protecting the agency, property managers and landlord from possible future litigation. Insurance on the property may be void if a failure to comply with all legislation is proven.